Gerontology Bachelor of Science, Certificate and/or Minor Opportunities for UNL Students

A Bachelor of Science in Gerontology at University of Nebraska Omaha is now available online. This will allow interested (pre-health/business/any interested) students to pursue a dual degree in their major here at UNL and achieve a BS in Gerontology through UNO. Many of the UNL courses will meet the requirements for the UNO degree. We have awarded our first dual degree student from UNL in Spring 2020, with a second student in the process of completing the dual degree program.

The Certificate in Gerontology is a valuable companion to other degrees or may be completed alone without a full degree. The undergraduate certificate program may be completed online or on-campus. A gerontology certificate may enhance your graduate school applications or further increase your marketability in the job market. The requirements are completion of 15 credit hours of gerontology courses and the completion of a 3-credit hour practicum (10-12 hours per week for one semester) in an approved aging-related setting.

The Gerontology Minor Program: The growth in the number of older persons anticipated for the immediate future is fueling the need for students to become knowledgeable about the challenges of aging and working with older adults. The undergraduate minor in Gerontology consists of 18 credit hours. Nine hours of core courses are required and nine hours to be selected by the student with advice and support from the department's academic advisor. GERO 200, Introduction to Gerontology course is an ACE 6 for both the certificate and the minor.

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