Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film Updates

This fall we saw a lower than usual number of students enrolled in THEA 112G. As a result, some students who find their extra-curricular home in the theatre may not realize how they can be involved. There are also RSOs such as Cinema 16 and the improv group Lazzi for those seeking a more social group.

For those who still need an ACE 7 or elective course, there will be three sections of THEA 112G offered in the spring (plus two more for William H. Thompson Scholars). Students will attend performances at the Nebraska Repertory Theatre as part of this course.

For students on the Fall 2021 catalog, there are new theatre minor requirements. Practicum experiences (THEA 285A/B/E/M/P/R/T) are now part of the offerings that are available to non-majors. Permission codes are available from the instructor of each section.

Are you curious about the Nebraska Repertory Theatre? You (and a guest!) can check it out for free. If you were unable to attend the AAA event on Thursday to receive your voucher for A Midsummer Night’s Dream tickets, please email Sara Fedderson (

Your encouragement to students to participate in productions in any capacity is genuinely appreciated!

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