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Business and Law Major
Business and Law Major

New Business and Law Major Launched

The College of Business and the College of Law partnered to provide additional career opportunities for University of Nebraska–Lincoln students by launching a business and law major this coming fall.

Students can declare the new major as early as August 1, 2022 but are encouraged to meet with a College of Business academic advisor to begin degree planning as soon as possible.

Students will complete the 24 credit hour Business and Law major, as well as the college’s other course requirements: Non-Business Courses, Business Core Foundation, Business Core Intermediate, PrEP, etc.

For those considering dual matriculation, the major also includes 31 hours of electives. As a reminder, the College of Business faculty removed the 150 credit hour requirement for dual matriculation. Students who begin degree planning early may still be able to graduate in 4 years.

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Spring Course on Development
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