STEM CONNECT featured in 2022 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase

The 2022 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase
The 2022 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase

The School of Computing's collaborative STEM CONNECT initiative will be featured in the 2022 STEM for All Video Showcase May 10-17.

This year's STEM Video Hall event will have over 250 videos depicting innovative, NSF-funded projects aimed at improving STEM and computer science education, including STEM CONNECT.

The STEM Career Opportunities in Nebraska: Networks, Experiential-learning, and Computational Thinking (STEM CONNECT) is an NSF-funded S-STEM (Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) scholarship program forming a partnership among the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Southeast Community College, and Western Nebraska Community College.

Launched in Fall 2019, STEM CONNECT awards scholarships to and provides curricular and co-curricular support to academically talented, low-income students with interest in careers that require strong skills in mathematics or computer science. A major goal of the program is to promote diversity within STEM disciplines.

The 2022 National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM for All Video Showcase is an annual online event. Each year, it hosts between 100-200 three-minute video presentations from federally funded projects that aim to improve STEM (Science, Math, Engineering, and Mathematics) and computer science education. During the seven days of this online event, principal investigators, practitioners, administrators, researchers, policy makers, industry and the public at large are encouraged to participate. All participants will be able to view the video presentations, post to the facilitated discussions related to each video, and vote for the videos that are most effective in conveying the creative work being done. All videos and discussions will be archived for future access there after. In addition, all videos from this Showcase will be added to the collection in the STEM for All Multiplex after the online May event.

Be sure to vote for the STEM CONNECT video, featuring Dr. Brittany Duncan and members of the NIMBUS Lab, and show support for the School of Computing!

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