Resource: Elementary Mathematical Writing Report

While educators have long been encouraged to engage students in writing when teaching mathematics, specific recommendations on how to leverage writing to enhance learning have fallen short - until now.

Thanks to the efforts of the National Science Foundation-funded Elementary Mathematics Writing Task Force, a free, new resource for math educators - Types of and Purposes for Elementary Mathematical Writing: Task Force Recommendations has been released. See

This recently released white paper offers:

* Valuable recommendations for elementary-school teachers focused on effectively incorporating mathematical writing into the classroom

* Specifics regarding four types of mathematical writing - and the purposes of each type - that all have the potential to further elementary students' learning of mathematics

* Insights from practitioners and academics from across the nation in the fields of mathematics education, mathematics, writing education, English language learners, special education, and gifted education Download the full report now: , and be sure to share this resource with your professional network.

Tutita Casa
Assistant Professor, UConn Neag School of Education
Director, Elementary Mathematics Writing Task Force

Janine Firmender
Assistant Professor, Saint Joseph's University
Co-Director, Elementary Mathematics Writing Task Force

The citation should be: Casa , T. M., Firmender, J. M., Cahill, J., Cardetti, F., Choppin, J. M., Cohen, J., Š Zawodniak, R. (2016). Types of and purposes for elementary mathematical writing: Task
force recommendations. Retrieved from