YouCubed TEDx talk releases, video contest

By Jo Boaler

I wanted to let you all know that my 12 minute TEDx talk has been released and you can see it here:

It includes some amazing research evidence, including the knowledge that if you believe in yourself, your brain processes differently - and grows more. There is other new, surprising information in here and some lovely clips of kids talking and dancing with maths! Please share this video as widely as you can as parents, teachers and students need to know this knowledge. In addition, TED picks videos for the main site that have a lot of views; I am sure that if youcubians choose to share widely we can achieve that – together :)

I also want to share with you some fun summer videos that we have uploaded to our site. All the videos share mindset messages, and could be really good to share with students, parents, board members, and other educators. We hope you like them. We have started our webpage with 6 videos, but we are today launching a summer competition – for you to make videos and send them to us. Some teachers sent us videos they had made and we loved them so much we thought we would ask you to create more. We will feature the best videos on our site and also send the winners a youcubed goodie bag. Send your video link to Jessica Method (subject: Youcubed video submission) and tell us who you are and how many people are on your team! The deadline for submitting videos for our competition is Sept. 1, but you can send us videos any time.

I also wanted you to know that we will be spending the summer releasing new resources for you – a new Week of Inspirational Math, new videos and other resources we hope that you like. In addition my re-released teacher course opened June 12, and I am looking forward to meeting many of you, and chatting with you, inside that course. We are also planning a number of workshops at Stanford during the 2016-17 school year, where I and the youcubed team will be conducting PD, so look out for those.

I hope that you had a wonderful summer, full of relaxation, excitement, and enrichment.