72 teachers will earn master's degrees in August

LPS Math in the Middle graduates - August 2016
LPS Math in the Middle graduates - August 2016

Congratulations to the 72 Nebraska teachers who will earn master's degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Aug. 13, in part as a result of their participation in NebraskaMATH or the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes.

Twenty-four of the 72 teachers completed the Math in the Middle program through the Omaha Public Schools Teacher Leader Academy. Twenty-one will earn a Master of Arts for Teachers (MAT) from the Department of Mathematics: Brent Barbour (Morton Magnet), Kristin Burt (R M Marrs), Ben Darling (Dundee), Mindy Dhoritey (Bryan Middle), Sherri Doll (Ponca), Anna Fischer (Fontenelle), Jared Good (Norris Middle), Allison Gregg (Belle Ryan), Craig Hendrix (Conestoga), Jessica Hoffmann (Bryan Middle), Karen Humphrey (Adams), Katie Kimball (Masters), Philip Medeiros (Springville), Traci Miller (Hartman), Katherine Poehling (Castelar), Lindsey Roorda (Ashland Park/Robbins), Terri Sanchez (Davis Middle), Karrie Seibel (Masters), Ashley Struebing (Miller Park), Kerry Stull (Gateway) and Chelsie Weinandt (Harrison). Three will earn a Master of Arts (MA) from the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (TLTE): Paige Burnett (Saddlebrook), Felicia Cervantes (Spring Lake) and Kara Winther (Prairie Wind).

An additional four OPS teachers will earn their MAT degree through the OPS New Teacher Network or NMSSI programs: Claire Aylward of Burke High and Amber Liljedahl, Mary Quandt and Eryn Surprenant of North Magnet High. Two OPS elementary teachers who previously completed Primarily Math will receive a MA from TLTE: Jennifer Jensen (Kennedy) and Kelly Roche (Springville).

Another 31 teachers completed the Math in the Middle program through the UNL-Lincoln Public Schools Partnership. Twenty-eight will earn a MAT: Drew Adams (Goodrich), Jacob Cathey (Lefler), Rosanne Entzminger (Arnold), Rebecca Evans (Everett), Kara Fauber (Arnold), Chad Geiger (Park), Michelle Gibbs (Goodrich), Nicole Harris (Randolph), Michael Hart (Park), Aleah Holden (Arnold), Mark Holland (Park), Lauren Kasson (Huntington), Dianna Knight (Park), Cole Kohout (Campbell), Hannah Leitt (Elliott), Michael Masin (Culler), Douglass Matulka (Goodrich), Joanne Maurer (Norwood Park), Megan McElfresh (Hartley), Jonathan Northouse (Prescott), Cailen O’Shea (Elliott), Tracy Owens (Arnold), Breanna Prochnow (McPhee), Kati Stauffer (Saratoga), Kristin Strader (Arnold), Jared Wadell (Dawes), Kirsten Wieman (Clinton) and Jason Wunderlich (Park). Three will earn a MA from TLTE: Karla Bandemer (LPSDO), Megan Simsic (Huntington) and Leah Stepanek (Belmont).

Eight secondary teachers from across the state also will earn their MAT, through a combination of the NebraskaMATH NSF-funded New Teacher Network and the NMSSI. They are: Staci Applegarth (McCook), Rachel Birtles (Scottsbluff), Kristi Briggs (Thedford), Deb Bulin (Thayer Central), Todd McQuistan (Lincoln Southeast), Anessa Price (Norris), Alyssa Straube (Lincoln Southeast) and Courtney Wichman (Lincoln Southwest), as well as Blaine Cullinan (Arthur County High), who will earn his MA from TLTE.

Three pre-service mathematics teachers also graduated with a Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching: Michael Anderson, Cara Beaty and Joshua Mireles.

We are proud of your accomplishments!