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Moursund, David and Albrecht, Robert (9/2/2011). "Becoming a better math tutor" by David Moursund and Robert Albrecht is designed to help math tutors and tutees get better at their respective and mutual tasks.

Tutoring is a powerful aid to learning. Much of the power comes from the interaction between tutor and tutee. This interaction allows the tutor to adjust the content and nature of the instruction to specifically meet the needs of the tutee. It allows ongoing active participation of the tutee.

The intended audiences for this book include volunteer and paid tutors, preservice and inservice teachers, parents and other child caregivers, students who help other students (peer tutors), and developers of tutorial software and other materials.

The book includes two appendices. The first is for tutees, and it has a 6th grade readability level. The other is for parents, and it provides an overview of tutoring and how they can help their children who are being tutored.

An extensive References section contains links to additional resources.

The book is Copyright © David Moursund and Robert Albrecht, 2011. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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