Interested in Origami for a good cause? Contribute to Nebraska's project "Cranestorm"

BIA-NE Project Cranestorm
BIA-NE Project Cranestorm

The Brain Injury Association of Nebraska (BIA-NE) is launching a project called "Cranestorm – Wishes in Flight." The goal of this project is to fold and collect 36,000 origami cranes, one for every Nebraskan living with a disability due to brain injury.

Because of the symmetry and geometrical nature of origami, NebraskaMATH editors feel this is worth sharing in the newsletter.

BIA-NE is inviting companies, schools, groups and individuals to join "Cranestorm" by making cranes to benefit individuals in Nebraska affected by brain injury.

Cranestorm gives an opportunity for all Nebraskans to teach others about the impact of brain injuries. Many of those suffering from brain injuries are veterans and service members. The VA began collecting data on TBIs in April 2007. As of May 2011, 4,926 service members from Nebraska have been screened: 933 screened positive, 340 are being treated for traumatic brain injuries and 506 service members have chosen to have further testing.

Readers can help honor these service members by making cranes.

Visit for more information. The deadline to send cranes is Feb. 29, 2012.

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