HORTICULTURE — 2020 All-America Selections Vegetable Winners

Pumpkin  ‘Blue Prince’ (Photo courtesy of All-America Selections)
Pumpkin ‘Blue Prince’ (Photo courtesy of All-America Selections)

For any vegetable entry to become an AAS Winner, it must outperform the comparisons and Blue Prince Pumpkin scored high in the areas of maturity, yield, fruit size, uniformity, color, taste and texture. Vigorous trailing vines produce 7–9 pound, beautiful, blue flattened pumpkins with non-stringy, deep orange flesh with savory sweetness. These pumpkins are as pretty as they are delicious. Of all the varieties trialed, Blue Prince was first to flower and fruit, which is beneficial for gardeners with a shorter growing season.

This award winner is an excellent mini cucumber, said many of the AAS Judges. The yield was higher than the comparison varieties with more attractive fruit, earlier maturity and superior eating quality. Grow Green Light on stakes or poles for a productive, easy-to-harvest vertical garden that will yield 40 or more spineless cucumbers per plant. Pick them when they are small, approximately 3–4 inches long and be rewarded with great tasting cucumbers that do not need to be peeled.

The first bicolor tomato in the Chef’s Choice series is here. Indeterminate plants produce large 7–8 ounce flattened beefsteak tomatoes with beautiful pinkish-red internal stripes within a yellow flesh. These heirloom looking tomatoes are as sweet as they are beautiful with a better flavor and texture than the comparisons. Gardeners will enjoy earlier maturity and more uniform fruits that hold up all season long, producing well into fall.

Source: All-America Selections