Fundraiser for The Angels Theatre Company

Susan Fee- Author, Speaker, Counselor, Coach
Susan Fee- Author, Speaker, Counselor, Coach

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Angels Theatre Company

Fund Raiser for the Angels Theatre Company
Friday, Sept. 30, 2011 – 7:30 PM
Lied Center’s Johnny Carson Theater, 11th & Q Streets, Lincoln NE

“Our Mothers, Ourselves: The Impact of the Mother-Daughter Relationships”
The mother-daughter relationship is a dance like no other. It can be simple, complex, validating, and painful all at once. Whether healthy or broken, the mother-daughter relationship leaves a lasting imprint that, in one way or another influences all future relationships. Join clinical counselor Susan Fee, for an intimate exploration of this unique bond and the role it plays in every woman’s journey.

Susan Fee - Author, Speaker, Counselor, Coach

Diversity is the hallmark of Susan Fee's career. Her professional accomplishments are the epitome of what she believes to be true for all individuals - we are multi-dimensional. It's possible to have talents and interests in many areas. Living life to its full capacity and satisfaction means tapping every resource. Susan has taken advantage of all her skills, applying them in a multitude of ways.
The result is a one-of-a-kind resume...

The Angels Theatre Company, Inc. is an organized collective of performing artists who collaborate to create! The Angels Theatre Company is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and puts women at the center of everything it does.

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