Common Student Development Issues at the Start of the School Year

Adjusting to a new environment can be challenging.
Adjusting to a new environment can be challenging.

Common issues students face the summer prior to college and at the start of their first semester:

*I am excited and nervous about meeting new friends.
*I want to separate from my parents, but I still need their help.
*How will I keep my friendships from high school intact?
*What will dorm life be like or what will it be like to live at home and commute to campus?

Remember that there are many professional UNL staff members that are here to help your student (residence life staff, academic advisers, student life staff, etc.). Encourage your student to ask for help when needed.

How the parent/guardian can assist…

*Help your student know that change is exciting but also a little scary.
*Show confidence in your student’s choices so they doubt themselves less.
*Do not overact to mood changes.
*Be aware of your own emotional ups and downs.
*Talk to your student about your expectations for their behavior while at school.
*If your student calls home upset, remember to listen and breathe! Keep in mind
that there will be many ups and downs during the first semester. The campus
resources you learned about at New Student Enrollment can be useful in
these conversations. (

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