Refunds - Books and Tuition

Book Refund Policy

The last day to return textbooks and receive a full refund at the University Bookstore is typically the second Monday of the semester. Students should keep their original receipt that documents their purchase, as they may need to submit it when requesting a refund. Books that are purchased with shrink-wrap should be returned in the shrink-wrap (i.e. unopened). Items that include discs or access codes must be returned unopened in order to receive a refund.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Students may drop courses free of charge during the first week of the semester. After the first week students are assessed a tuition charge based upon when they drop the course (not when they stop attending).

*Last day to drop a full-semester course and receive 100% tuition refund: Monday, August 27
*Last day to drop a full-semester course and receive 75% refund: Friday, August 31
*Last day to drop a full-semester course and receive a 50% refund: Friday, September 7
*Last day to drop a full-semester course and receive a 25% refund: Friday, September 14
*After Friday, September 14 students do not receive any refund for dropped courses.

Students usually “know” within the first couple of days of classes whether or not
a course is one they want to keep on their schedule. Communicate to your student
that for many general education requirements UNL offers many choices. If they do not care for the course which they are currently registered, there is a possibility that another course will meet the same requirement. Encourage your student to view their degree audit and visit with their academic advisor before changing their courses.