What it Means - Drop/Add/Withdraw/Course Repeat

Drop and Add

Students may add and drop full semester courses free of tuition charges prior to and through the first week of classes. If a course has seats available, students may register themselves for a new course without prior permission from the instructor. If the course has no seats available, the student should talk to the instructor to see if an override is possible.

Students often fail to recognize that registration is a process rather than a one-time event. Students are adding and dropping courses constantly until the end of the first
week of classes, so the availability of seats is always in flux. Encourage your student
to be patient and diligent in checking MyRED for open seats. Additional charges are incurred if students drop and add classes after the first week, so encourage your student to solidify their schedule during the first week.

Withdrawing from Courses

The deadline to withdraw from one or more courses for the fall semester is Friday, November 9. Withdrawing from courses can impact scholarships, financial aid, course progression, and eligibility for the Dean’s List, among other things. So, before your student withdraws from a course encourage him or her to:

*talk with the instructor to ask for help and to determine why he/she is not performing well
*talk with the academic adviser to make sure he/she is taking advantage of available help and to discuss the ramifications of dropping the course

Encourage your student to explore all options before withdrawing from courses.

Course Repeat Policy

If your student has communicated to you that they are not doing well in a course, they may want to consider retaking the course to help their cumulative gpa.

UNL has a policy that allows students to repeat courses in which they earned a C- or lower. The policy states that if the student enrolls in and completes graded credit for the course in which they previously earned a C- or lower, only the last instance of the course will be used to calculate cumulative gpa. The repeat policy only applies to equivalent credit within the University of Nebraska system. Students who need to raise their gpa find that repeating courses is the fastest way to do so.

The repeat policy does not apply to any school other than UNL, UNO, or UNK.
Typically students need to retake the same course at the same institution, but advisers can help students determine if a particular course is available at UNO or UNK. Courses taken at community colleges or universities will not affect the UNL gpa and cannot be used for grade replacement.