Student Spotlight: Anna Singharath

Anna Singharath
Anna Singharath

Name: Anna Singharath
Major: Global Studies
Minor: French
Hometown: South Sioux City, NE
Year at UNL: Senior

Favorite book and why: Sula by Toni Morrison because it’s about a young woman who is able to mature and grow strong after experiencing a cruel world, it’s inspiring.

Favorite movie and why: I don’t really have a favorite movie, but my favorite kind to watch are action packed movies!

Why Global Studies?
During my freshman year, I did a project on child marriage in India. It sparked my interest in human rights and global policy, and the major has made this passion even greater. I knew that eventually I would like to continue travelling to different countries where help is needed, and the program has been a perfect fit in inspiring me to do so. My most interesting class so far was taken in Morocco; it was on Islamic Society and Politics. For anyone new coming in to the major, I would suggest finding a theme you’re extremely passionate about. Having a passion for that theme will make classes so much easier because you will be eager to learn even more.

Study abroad experience: This last summer I travelled all over Morocco and took courses in French and Peace and Conflict Resolution. I mainly stayed in Meknes during the weekdays but during the weekend, I travelled to different parts of Morocco like the Sahara Desert, Casablanca, Rabat, and more. Every day I would walk to the study center with my roommates and be there for about 6 hours a day. After class, I would either go back to the apartment and study or discover more of the beautiful city. It was a great program that also had a lot of flexibility; I was even able to travel to Spain for a few days!

Post-Graduation Plans: I am currently looking into fellowships that will give me the opportunity to travel for a year and teach English. I am mainly interested in going back to Morocco or other countries in Africa for this position. After travelling I would like to attend graduate school and get my Master’s in either North African and Middle Eastern Studies or International Studies and Diplomacy.