New Study Abroad Course to Ukraine: Summer 2020, Applications Due 1/24

Ukraine 2020
Ukraine 2020

Open to all UNL students, this 4 week program from July 18 to August 15 will help students earn credit for RUSS/GLST 391 (3 credits) and Russian Language (3-5 credits).

This faculty-led education abroad program gives students the opportunity to:
1. Participate in an intensive Russian language course taught by local faculty
2. Tour important sites including Potemkin stairs, Vorontsov Palace, St. Andrew’s Church, Kiev Monastery of the Caves, the National Art museum of Ukraine, and more
3. Learn about historical and contemporary Ukraine and Russia, culture, religion, history, and literature

This trip consists of two important parts, Russian language study and the study of two main historical periods: pre-modern and modern Ukraine and Russia earning students between 6 and 8 credits over the course of 4 weeks. Over the course of the trip, students will learn about Ukraine and Russia in this period by reading and listening to lectures from a historical and literary perspective. In addition, students will visit historical monuments and places of significance and learn about their role in the historical events that took place over centuries. Finally, students will learn about complex economic, demographic and political issues that are deep-rooted in the history of the relationship between the two countries.

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