SNR Seminar Series continue with Ameyaw and MacNeill

Sunset in Nebraska
Sunset in Nebraska

The School of Natural Resources Fall Seminar Series continues on Wednesday at 3:30 pm in 107 Auditorium of Hardin Hall and via Zoom at

October 19, 2022 with Lord Ameyaw:
Envisioning a treed trajectory for agriculture – findings from agroforestry research

Agroforestry has been gaining significant interest in recent times as a climate smart alternative to traditional agricultural practices. However, there are widespread misconceptions and a general lack of knowledge and understanding on what it is or what it is not. Dr. Ameyaw will share some ideas on this topic and discuss some findings from recent research on opportunities, challenges and adoption of agroforestry.

October 26, 2022 with Keeley MacNeill:
Biogeochemical cycling, toxin trickery, and ecosystem processes in headwater streams

Elemental cycling is fundamental to life and provides insight into ecosystem condition and function. We have long known that the cycles of elements, both nutrients and toxic elements, are intimately linked, not only to other elements and their biogeochemical cycles, but to important ecosystem processes like metabolism. My research uses the relative availability of nutrients (including carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) as well as their interactions with toxic elements (like arsenic) to explore questions about the uptake, storage, and transport of elements as well as the general function of streams and stream food webs. In this seminar, I will share results from my research on why climate regime matters for stream nutrient cycling and how relative availability of nitrogen and phosphorus can drive arsenic retention. I will also talk about the interaction between terrestrial predator, browser, and vegetation dynamics in Yellowstone National Park impact stream ecosystem functioning.

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