Environmental programs need time to collaborate for success, Headwaters president tells NRT

Chadwin Smith, PhD, president of Headwaters Corporation
Chadwin Smith, PhD, president of Headwaters Corporation

The science in a program is easier to work with than the people trying to implement it, the president of Headwaters Corporation told NRT students recently.

“I have always found that the science is the easy part,” Chadwin Smith said. “And I don't mean that it's easy, but it seems to be easier than dealing with the people part, especially when you work in these big restoration programs and you have to work collaboratively and you have a lot of viewpoints. Teasing out things that are important or not important, figuring out what is signal and what's noise, and then trying to help people work collaboratively is the biggest challenge.”
Chadwin Smith, president of Headwaters Corporation, spoke with NRT students on September 11, 2023, about managing environmental restoration programs.

Smith has worked with Headwaters Corporation in the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program under the Bureau of Reclamation since the corporation started in 2007. Smith received his PhD in Natural Resources Sciences from UNL in 2020.

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