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Hardin Hall
Hardin Hall

Evaluation of Faculty Members

All faculty members are required to be evaluated annually. The purposes of annual evaluation are to a) provide feedback on past and current performance, b) clarify goals and expectations, and c) coach the individual to success.

With few exceptions, IANR faculty members report to an academic unit leader (i.e., department head/chair or school director) or Engagement Zone Coordinator who is responsible for evaluation of their outcomes and impacts. Faculty members who are not yet fully promoted and/or tenured must also be evaluated by an appropriate group of peers who provide feedback and coaching on their progress toward tenure and/or promotion.

Evaluation is a shared responsibility between the person being evaluated and the person or group providing feedback and coaching.

Upcoming Annual Faculty Review Documentation Training

November 1st 2:30-3:30 pm
November 7th 9-10 am

For complete information visit: https://ianr.unl.edu/performance-reviews