Upcoming SNR Seminars: October 20 and 25th

Hardin Hall on East Campus of UNL
Hardin Hall on East Campus of UNL

The School of Natural Resources seminar series continues with diverse topics. The seminars are in Hardin Hall in 107 South (Auditorium).

On October 20, 2023 at 3:00 pm, Yvon Ukwishaka who is a MS candidate in Natural Resource Sciences in SNR will give a presentation titled "Unraveling the Intricate redox dynamics of inorganic nitrogen species in the vadose zone."

Abstract: In the field of environmental science and water quality, there is a growing recognition of the importance of understanding the complex redox dynamics of inorganic nitrogen species within the vadose zone. The vadose zone, which extends from the surface to the groundwater table, plays a crucial role in buffering and influencing the fate of contaminants before they reach the groundwater. Nitrate, in particular, is a significant groundwater contaminant in heavily cultivated areas such as Nebraska. However, studying the vadose zone and preventing nitrate contamination is a challenging task that requires a meticulous examination of the redox reactions governing the transformation of nitrogen species in a controlled environment. These processes are fundamental to the cycling of nitrogen, the overall health of ecosystems, and the quality of water resources. By investigating the interplay between biological, chemical, and physical factors, we aim to unravel the mechanisms behind nitrogen transformation and shed light on their implications for groundwater contamination and the sustainability of ecosystems. To achieve this, our study conducted a laboratory-scale experiment using undisturbed soil sediments carefully packed in columns to simulate the vadose zone of the corn-planted and sprinkler-irrigated fields in Central Nebraska. These columns were divided into two groups based on irrigation methods, namely sprinkler irrigation and rainfed, to replicate the diverse moisture regimes observed in agricultural settings. Our study was conducted without the addition of external nitrate, ensuring that we focused solely on the transformation of legacy nitrogen within the vadose zone under different irrigation systems. In this seminar, we will present findings from our experiment, which used a modern and unique research experimental design and shed light on the intricate redox transformation of inorganic nitrogen species in the vadose zone.

On October 25, 2023 at 3:30 pm, Jacob C Cooper who is a Assistant Professor in Biology at the University of Nebraska-Kearney will give a presentation titled "Niche ecology, distributional ecology, and diversification in vertebrate communities "

Abstract: Species evolve in dynamic landscapes where their distributions are constantly changing, expanding and contracting within human lifespans and fragmenting or coming into contact across the landscape on large timescales. Understanding the dynamics of short-term range changes and studying the ways in which ecology and distribution drive diversification can help us understand how climates and climatic tolerance drive the biogeographic patterns we observe today. Whether its species currently expanding across Nebraska to taxa isolated on Afrotropical mountains, these distributional shifts are key to understanding how individual organisms evolve and how communities of organisms change through time.

Both of the seminars will be streamed live at https://go.unl.edu/viewsnrseminars

More details at: https://snr.unl.edu/aboutus/when/seminars.aspx