SNR Student Need-to-Know

SNR Student Need-to-Know is the one-stop shop of information for all SNR students.
SNR Student Need-to-Know is the one-stop shop of information for all SNR students.

Honors Talk on Keystone XL
Location: Neihardt Blue TV Lounge
Wednesday, March 5th at 5:00p.m.
Open to all students

Payment for Ecosystem Services: Putting Theory into Practice in Costa Rica
This sounds like a very interesting class taught be Dr. Erin Sills of North Carolina State.

When: June 15-30
Where: Costa Rica
Deadline: February 3

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium Summer Courses
MANY classes are offered for this summer
Application Deadline: April 1

**Job/Internship Postings**

Summer Teaching Assistants at Cedar Point Biological Station
Three week teaching sessions
Hiring 8-10 TAs for the summer

CenUSA Bioenergy Research Internship
Undergraduate Internship
Location: Iowa State University
Deadline: March 9

CMU Great Lakes Summer Research Program
Summer Research (5-7 student researchers needed)
Location: Beaver Island, Michigan
Deadline: March 21

Chisholm Family Farm
Location: Unadilla, NE
This is a sustainable family farm that produces many products in environmentally friendly ways. They have listed that they are looking for help. Contact them for more information about the position.

Research Experience for Undergraduates on Sustainable Land and Water Resources
Location: University of Minnesota
Deadline: March 4

Regional Wildlife Biologist
Full-Time Position
Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Deadline: March 12

Environmental Applications Developer at University of Delaware
Full-Time Position
Design, develop, and maintain web applications for environmental data websites.

Bazile Groundwater Management Project
Full-Time Position
Location: O'Neill, NE
Deadline: March 27

Waterfowl-Centric Summer Internship
Location: Upper Texas coast below Port Arthur