Resources: Problem-Solving Book for High School Math Teachers


Real-World Problems for Secondary School Mathematics Students: Case Studies

Edited by Juergen Maasz
University of Linz, Austria

John O´Donoghue
University of Limerick, Ireland

This is a book full of ideas for teaching real-world problems to older students (15 years and older, Upper Secondary level). These contributions by no means exhaust all the possibilities for working with real world problems in mathematics classrooms but taken as a whole they do provide a rich resource for mathematics teachers that is readily available in a single volume.

While many papers offer specific, well worked out lesson type ideas, others concentrate on the teacher knowledge needed to introduce real-world applications of mathematics into the classroom. We are confident that mathematics teachers who read the book will find myriad ways to introduce the material into their classrooms whether in ways suggested by the contributing authors or in their own ways, perhaps through mini-projects or extended projects or practical sessions or enquiry based learning.


1. Modelling in Probability and Statistics: Key Ideas and Innovative Examples, Manfred Borovcnik and Ramesh Kapadia

2. Problems for the Secondary Mathematics Classrooms on the Topic of Future Energy Issues, Astrid Brinkmann and Klaus Brinkmann

3. Coding Theory, Tim Brophy

4. Traveling to Mars: A Very Long Journey. Mathematical Modelling in Space Traveling, Jean Charpin

5. Modeling the Storage Capacity of 2D Pixel Mosaics, Simone Göttlich and Thorsten Sickenberger

6. Mathematics for Problems in the Everyday World, Günter Graumann

7. Political Polls and Surveys: The Statistics Behind the Headlines, Ailish Hannigan

8. Correlations between Reality and Modeling: "Dirk Nowitzki Playing for Dallas in the NBA (U.S.A.)", Herbert Henning and Benjamin John

9. Exploring the Final Frontier: Using Space Related problems to Assist in the Teaching of Mathematics, Patrick Johnson

10. What are the Odds?, Patrick Johnson and John O´Donoghue

11. Models for Logistic Growth Processes (e.g. Fish Population in a Pond, Number of Mobile Phones within a Given Population), Astrid Kubicek

12. Teaching Aspects of School Geometry Using the Popular Games Rugby and Snooker, Jim Leahy

13. Increasing Turnover? Streamlining Working Conditions? A Possible Way to Optimize Production Processes as a Topic in Mathematics Lessons, Juergen Maasz

14. Mathematics and Eggs: Does this Topic Make Sense in Education?, Juergen Maasz and Hans-Stefan Siller

15. Digital Images: Filters and Edge Detection, Thomas Schiller

16. Modelling and Technology: Modeling in Mathematics Education Meets New Challenges, Hans-Stefan Siller

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The Netherlands

ISBN: 978-94-6091-541-3 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-94-6091-542-0 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-94-6091-543-7 (e-book)