NeSA Resources from the NDE

The NDE's Standards Instructional Tool (SIT) is a Web resource that provides teachers with sample tasks, lessons or Web links that can be used in the classroom and that are aligned with the Nebraska State Standards.

The SIT is organized by the standards and features resources contributed by Nebraska teachers which are linked to a particular standard or set of standards. The resources can be used by any teacher to design tasks which highlight a particular standard in need of emphasis in a classroom.

The tools for mathematics and language arts are complete (though always under refinement); a similar tool for the science standards is under development.
To utilize the tool visit:

Also, the Statewide Assessment Office is creating a system called Check4Learning (C4L). C4L is a data base of multiple choice test items that have been developed and submitted by teachers in participating school districts. Districts can access the C4L bank to generate "mini-tests" for use at any time during the school year to assess student progress (i.e. check for learning) and better prepare for the NeSA-M. Development of the system is currently under way; the anticipated release date is January 2012. Check the system progress by visiting .