Highlight on Action Research: Susan Leavitt

Susan Leavitt
Susan Leavitt

Interactive Problem Solving: Incorporating Interactive Whiteboard Technology with Problem Solving in the Math Classroom
by Susan Leavitt, Omaha Public Schools, Math in the Middle Cohort 2 OPS

I have found while working to prepare my inner city sixth grade students to compete in math competitions that even though the students involved are among the top students in the school, they often have no idea how to get started in the problem solving process. Also, most competitions involve teams of four students working together and most of the time, my students are unable to work together to solve problems because they do not know how to communicate mathematically with one another. In my action research I investigate whether using the Interactive Whiteboard in group problem-solving activities increases student motivation and, as a consequence, increases student involvement, learning and communication. It was clear to me from my findings that the quality of the oral communication and the quality of problem solving did improve when I increased the use of the interactive whiteboard in math class. As a result of my study I will use this process again next year in my classroom.

To read the complete study, visit: http://scimath.unl.edu/MIM/ar.php.

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