Five reasons you should play Husker 9-to-Find Scavenger Hunt

Husker 9-to-Find Scavenger Hunt
Husker 9-to-Find Scavenger Hunt

Use the Big Red Welcome App to be one of the first 500 students to complete the QR-code quest and win a new Husker drawstring bag. Designed to teach the 9 Dimensions of Well-being at your own pace, here's five reasons you should be playing this game.

Explore & discover campus. Offices, departments, and resources across campus give support to one or more of the dimensions of well-being. Discover the beauty and hidden treasures of campus (as well as the qr-codes) while you are playing the game.

Learning. So you don't know the 9 dimensions of well-being? That's not a problem - this is your chance to be introduced to this great framework for personal balance used within the UNL community. Here's a hint to help you along.

Make a connection. When you go out looking for the qr-codes, mask up and take along your roommate or a friend to enjoy the quest together. Along the way, you'll meet other Huskers playing the game too. Share and trade tips on where to find more codes to scan.

Go at your own pace and have fun. The game is all through the Big Red Welcome App - you don't have to show up for a big public event or feel constrained by a time commitment. Enjoy playing the game at your own pace and on your own time.

In it to win it. The first 500 students who find and scan the qr-codes for all nine dimensions of well-being will be able to pick up a free prize: a new NEBRASKA drawstring bag. Who said that learning doesn't have rewards?

The 9-to-Find Scavenger Hunt is only available through the Big Red Welcome App on your mobile device. Once you have the guide installed, access the Husker 9-to-Find Scavenger Hunt in the menu for instructions and the qr-code scanner.