WGS Colloquium by Julia McQuillan and Karina Shreffler: Surgical Sterilization, Regret, and Race

Surgical sterilization is a relatively permanent form of contraception that has been overused on Black, Latina, and Native American women in the United States in the past. Their talk will explore if sterilization is still more common and more consequential among Black, Latina, and Native American women compared to White women in the United States, and if the patterns are the same for all marginalized groups. McQuillan and Shreffler argue that their findings suggest that stratified reproduction has not ended in the United States and that the patterns and consequence of sterilization continue to vary by race.
Julia McQuillan is Chair of the Sociology department at UNL. Karina Shreffler is an Associate Professor in the department of Human Development and Family Science at Oklahoma State University.
This is the 2nd event of Women’s and Gender Studies Fall 2012 Colloquium Series, Reproductive Issues: Past and Present.

More details at: http://go.unl.edu/ums