Dance Marathon seeks dancers for Feb 21 event

Dance Marathon
Dance Marathon

Do you want to dance for 12 hours while taking part in the best philanthropy on campus? Want to help the 62 children that enter a Children's Hospital every minute of every day?

Well you can by signing up for Dance Marathon, asking 10 friends for $10 each, and helping us reach our goal of $121,000.

Last year dance marathon had over 800 dancers and raised $101,000. This year we want your help to help us raise even more money and make our event even more successful! Please sign up at and raise $100. It's super easy to do. All you need to do is follow these few steps:
1) Sign up
2) Create your profile page
3) Email or send your donor link to 10 - 20 friends and family members and ask them for $10 each.
4) You raise $100 and your in! You've now helped us get that much closer to our goal and literally changed lives... How does it feel? Good? That's what we thought.
5) Come to Dance Marathon February 21st and celebrate with us!

So come help us raise money and dance for those who can't, because we can.

Can't come to the event? You can still donate to our event by going to Every little bit counts!

More details at: