April employee update

The SNR Spring Picnic will be held from 12-1 p.m., April 17.
The SNR Spring Picnic will be held from 12-1 p.m., April 17.

Welcome to SNR
– John Seamann has joined SNR and the Conservation and Survey Division as a Research Technician III has will be working with Matt Marxsen on drilling. Contact info: 627 HARH, EC 0996, 402-472-6863, john.seamann@unl.edu.

– Dirac Twidwell has received a Courtesy Assistant Professor appointment with SNR. He is an assistant professor in Agronomy & Horticulture with a focus in Rangeland Ecology and Management Fire Ecology. Contact info: 308 Keim Hall, EC 0915, 402-472-2811, dirac.twidwell@unl.edu.

– Congratulations and best wishes to Anatoly Gitelson upon his retirement on April 15 after 14 years of service to UNL. He came to the university in 2000 to be a part of the Center for Advanced Land Management and Information Technologies (CALMIT). His work, research and teaching have focused around remote sensing and its applications with agriculture and natural resources. Full article about his work: http://newsroom.unl.edu/announce/snr/3036/16748.

– Congratulations and best wishes to Doug Amedeo upon his retirement on May 16 after 40 years of service to UNL. He joined the geography faculty at the beginning of the 1973-1974 school year. Through the years his work, research, and teaching has focused on person-environment-behavior relationships.

– Congratulations and best wishes to all of our students graduating in May and August.

– Congratulations to Sara Winn, husband Kenny, big sister Larsyn and big brother Alexander on the birth of Cooper James on April 10.

Happy Birthday to those celebrating birthdays in April, May and June.

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