New: State Fair Overview for First-Time 4-H Livestock Exhibitors

Nebraska State Fair Meat Goat Show
Nebraska State Fair Meat Goat Show

Is your family thinking about having a youth exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair 4-H Livestock Show for the first time? A general summary of topics has been created to better explain the process and prepare families considering exhibiting at the State Fair. This information is at

Important documents:
• 4-H Livestock Exhibitor Resources at
• The 2023 Animal Exhibitor Handbook is available at
• The 2023 Nebraska State Fair Schedule and Health Requirements are posted online on the State Fair website at
• All 4-H-only schedules are posted on the 4-H site at
• State Fair Livestock General Rules and Regulations (coming soon at
• State Fair 4-H Livestock Ethic Affidavit (coming soon)