Sept. Heart of 4-H Volunteer Award — Lancaster County Engineering Department

Lancaster County Engineering Department
Lancaster County Engineering Department

Lancaster County 4-H is proud to announce the Lancaster County Engineering Department as winner of the September “Heart of 4-H Award” in recognition of outstanding volunteer service.

The Lancaster County Engineering Department (LCED) began presenting workshops for 4-H Clover College in 2016, teaching three workshops each year (except 2020): Real World GPS & GIS, Big Power Machines and Bridges & Roads. Engineering staff also provides the traffic control for the area during the four days of Clover College. At this year’s Clover College, County Engineer Facility Manager Ed Lahmann, saved the rocket launches by jerry-rigging a rocket launch controller when existing equipment developed problems.

Special Projects Engineer Karen Wilson says, “We enjoy teaching children about STEM careers that directly impact their local communities, and it is rewarding to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists. It is exciting to educate and encourage the young kids enrolled at Clover College to experiment and learn new things, all while having fun. As an example, it is really fun to see the kids use their imagination and skills to build a bridge out of straws and tape. This gives us a chance to give back.”

Other Engineering staff said their favorite experiences include:
• “Watching the kids put their heads together to make something new.”
• “Helping a group construct a model out of household supplies to show how a hydraulic machine works.”
• “Having the youth ask questions.”
• “Seeing the students engage with the presenters and show an interest in engineering.”
• “Making asphalt cookies and being able to eat them.”