Super Fair 4-H/FFA Top Results

(Top left) Top Aerospace; (Bottom left) Top Quick Bread; (Right) Livestock Elite Showmanship Contest.
(Top left) Top Aerospace; (Bottom left) Top Quick Bread; (Right) Livestock Elite Showmanship Contest.

4-H/FFA complete results, photos and videos are online at
[Ch = Champion; Res = Reserve]

Top Static Exhibits

Poster: Bailey Petersen
Banner: 4-H Explorers Club
Quilt Ch: Tayler Docter
Quilt Res Ch: Reese Dell
Dog Static Exhibit: Anna Kurtzhals

Aerospace: Micah Pracheil
Engineering: Tenley Bauman
Safety: Reese Dell
Woodworking: Kanyon Plugge

Yeast Exhibit: Zach Ingracia
Quick Bread: Grace Mentzer
Food Preservation: Eliese Schwinck
Cake or Pie: Cally Sullivan
Cookie: Elizabeth Hundley

Human Development: Emily Bauman

Top 3: Meredith Marsh
Top 3: Ashley Brown
Top 3: Shea Frink
Leta Guenther Bremer Memorial Needle Arts Award: Morgan Gabel

Heritage: Elizabeth Hilkemann

Level 1: Tyler Beran
Level 2: Jaisah Huber
Level 3: Kaylie Waite
Favorite Photo: Elizabeth Hilkemann
Creative Photography: Jaisah Huber

STEAM 1 Clothing: Dayton Jons
STEAM 2 Clothing: Vanessa Peterson
STEAM 3 Clothing: Mindy Bartels
Beyond the Needle: Emily Bauman
Accessory: Tenley Bauman
Fiber Arts - Crocheting: Hannah Thomson
Fiber Arts - Knitting: Catherine Friesen
Shopping in Style: Dayton Jons
Alice Doane Memorial Wool Award: Vanessa Peterson

Vegetable: Kylie Hansen
Herb: Parker Hansen
Annual Flower: Elizabeth Hundley
Perennial Flower: Laurel Frogge
Rose: Zach Pittman
Specimen Plant: Anna Fousek

Conservation & Wildlife: Leo Fendrick
Forestry: Josephine Polk

Top Contest Awards

Virtual Trivia Sr Ch: Kaitlyn Dumler
Virtual Trivia Sr Res Ch: Emmi Dearmont
Virtual Trivia Int Ch: Kathryn Weaver
Virtual Trivia Int Res Ch: Paige Schepers
Virtual Trivia Jr Ch: Alexa Smith
Virtual Trivia Jr Res Ch: Ava Schepers

Sr Ch: Hannah Thomson
Sr Res Ch: Vanessa Peterson
Jr Ch: Maria Polk
Jr Res Ch: Lena Gropp

1st Place: Clara Johnson
2nd Place: Auren Burkey
3rd Place: Olivia Vanderford
4th Place: Aleyna Cuttlers
5th Place: Brayden Boehle

Sr Ch: Zach Pittman
Sr Res Ch: Tatum Terwilliger
Int Ch: Khloe Cuttlers
Int Res Ch: Kaden Gana
Jr Ch: Blake Mueller
Jr Res Ch: Kanyon Plugge

Horticulture: Kaily Wesely
Tree Identification: Catherine Polk
Grass & Weed Identification: Claire Polk

Picnic Sr: Clare Bauman
Picnic Int: Lucia Lawson
Picnic Jr: Gwendolyn Friesen
Casual Sr: Mollie Clarke
Casual Int: Mia Crawford
Casual Jr: Andrea Bettenhausen
Formal Int: Kathryn Weaver
Formal Jr: Alexa Smith
Birthday Int: Bailey Petersen
Birthday Jr: Monica Bauman

Premier Presenter: Brooklynn Nelsen
Sr Ch: Kylie Hansen
Int Ch: Brooklynn Nelsen
Int Res Ch: Alexa Smith
Jr Ch: Silas Pracheil
Jr Res Ch: Andrea Bettenhausen

Top 4 Ch: Clare Bauman
Top 4 Res Ch: Clara Johnson
Top 4: Piper Pillard
Top 4: Tenley Bauman
Shopping in Style: Tenley Bauman
Shopping in Style: Clara Johnson
Beyond the Needle: Alexa Smith
Make One/Buy One Level 1: Dayton Jons
Make One/Buy One Levels 2 & 3: Lauren Johnson
Clothing Level 1: Alexa Smith
Upcycled Garment: Tenley Bauman
Apron: Vanessa Peterson
Garment(s) Made for Others: Emily Bauman
Attention Shoppers: Lauren Johnson

Top Animal Awards

Showmanship Supreme Ch: Clara Johnson
Showmanship Sr Ch: Clara Johnson
Showmanship Int Ch: TJ Mueller
Showmanship Jr Ch: Kyler Plugge
Breeding Heifer Supreme Ch: Kyson Gana
Breeding Heifer Supreme Res Ch: Allison Walbrecht
Feeder Calf Supreme Ch: Emberlin Johnson
Feeder Calf Supreme Res Ch: Amilya Johnson
Market Animal Supreme Ch: Clara Johnson
Market Heifer Grand Ch: Allison Walbrecht
Market Heifer Res Grand Ch: Kanyon Plugge
Market Steer Grand Ch: Clara Johnson
Market Steer Res Grand Ch: Lauren Johnson
Lancaster Born & Raised - Breeding Ch: Jackson Hollman
Lancaster Born & Raised - Market Ch: Kyler Plugge
Rate of Gain Market Steer Ch: Thomas Tvrdy
Rate of Gain Market Heifer Ch: Josie Johnson

Current-year Bucket Calf Junior Ch: Kanyon Plugge
Current-year Bucket Calf Intermediate Ch: Khloe Cuttlers
Second-year Bucket Calf Junior Ch: Kanyon Plugge

Showmanship Sr Ch: Auren Burkey
Showmanship Int Ch: Lauren Johnson
Showmanship Jr Ch: Addisyn Lorenson
Market Lamb Grand Ch: Auren Burkey
Market Lamb Res Grand Ch: Clara Johnson
Lancaster Born & Raised Market Lamb Ch: Chase McInteer
Lancaster Born & Raised Market... Res Ch: Tanner McInteer
Breeding Ewe Supreme Ch: Auren Burkey
Rate of Gain Ch: Grant Johnson
Rate of Gain Res Ch: Lauren Johnson

Showmanship Sr Ch: Olivia Vanderford
Showmanship Int Ch: Kaden Gana
Showmanship Jr Ch: Timothy Egelhoff
Market Swine Grand Ch: Kaden Gana
Market Swine Res Grand Ch: Jaxon Bruss
Breeding Gilt Ch: Kyson Gana
Breeding Gilt Res Ch: Alexis Kruse
Pen of Three Ch: Connor Nielsen
Pen of Three Res Ch: Mackenzie Cordes
Pick-a-Pig Market Swine Grand Ch: Timothy Egelhoff
Pick-a-Pig Market Swine Res Grand Ch: Londyn Ayres
Carcass Swine Ch: Dillon Docter
Carcass Swine Res Ch: Madelyn Egelhoff

Dairy/Pygmy Goat Showmanship Sr Ch: Brayden Boehle
Dairy/Pygmy Goat Showmanship Jr Ch: Ellianah Stephens
Dairy Goat Supreme Ch: Ezra Kubicek
Dairy Goat Res Supreme Ch: Tayden Bell
Pygmy Goat Ch: Evelynn Smith

Showmanship Sr Ch: Clara Johnson
Showmanship Int Ch: Khloe Cuttlers
Showmanship Jr Ch: Lauren Johnson
Market Goat Overall Grand Ch: Clara Johnson
Market Goat Overall Res Grand Ch: Lauren Johnson
Breeding Goat Overall Ch: Khloe Cuttlers
Breeding Goat Overall Res Ch: Judson Tietjen
Lancaster Born & Raised Ch: Judson Tietjen
Rate of Gain Ch: Judson Tietjen
Rate of Gain Res Ch: Ryan Henry

All-Around Exhibitor Award Ch: Rhianna Metcalf
All-Around Exhibitor Award Res Ch: Tenley Bauman
Showmanship Sr Ch: Rhianna Metcalf
Showmanship Int Ch: Marylynn Rauert
Showmanship Jr Ch: Josiah Schmoll
Best 6 Class Ch: Kaily Wesely
Best 4 Class Ch: Marylynn Rauert
Best 4 Class Res Ch: Zach Pittman
Judging Contest Sr Ch: Hannah Thomson
Judging Contest Int Ch: Marylynn Rauert
Judging Contest Jr Ch: Josiah Schmoll
Breed Identification Contest Sr Ch: Rhianna Metcalf
Breed Identification Contest Int Ch: Jocelyn Schmoll and Kaily Wesely (Tie)
Breed Identification Contest Jr Ch: Grace Mentzer
Breeders Choice Sr Ch: Andrew Frain

Mammal Ch: Rachel Koch
Mammal Res Ch: Andrea Bettenhausen
Non-Mammal Ch: Kamryn Wanser
Non-Mammal Res Ch: Collin Schepers

Showmanship Sr Ch: Noah Jelinek
Showmanship Jr Ch: Marylynn Rauert
Judging Contest Sr Ch: Noah Jelinek
Judging Contest Jr Ch: Marylynn Rauert
Quiz Bowl Sr Ch: Zach Pittman
Quiz Bowl Jr Ch: Marylynn Rauert
Best of 4-H Poultry Show: Zach Pittman
Large Fowl Grand Ch: Corrine Byrne
Water Fowl Grand Ch: Zach Pittman
Bantam Grand Ch: Zach Pittman

Showmanship Trophy Ch: Emmi Dearmont
Showmanship Sr Ch: Bella Croghan
Showmanship Int Ch: Ruby Dean
Showmanship Junior Ch: Dayton Jons
Trophy Agility Level 6 Ch: Emmi Dearmont
Beginning Agility A - Level 2 Ch: Bella Croghan
Pre-beginning Agility A - Level 1 Ch: Paige Schepers
Obedience - Novice Ch: Bella Croghan
Obedience - Beginning A Ch: Alexa Smith
Obedience - Beginning B Ch: Paige Schepers

Best in Show Ch: Dayton Jons
Best in Show Res Ch: Sarah Fisher

English Showmanship Sr Ch: Caraline Higgins
English Showmanship Jr Ch: Kayla Isaacs
English Showmanship Elem Ch: Lauren Johnson
English Baby Green Equitation Ch: Anne Cashmere
English Hunter... Ages 4 & Up Grand Ch: Morgan Roof
English Hunter... Ages 4 & Up Res Grand Ch: Claira Heinzle
English Hunter... Aged Horse Grand Ch: Paige Schepers
English Hunter... Aged Horse Res Grand Ch: Samantha Fox
Miniature Showmanship Jr/Sr Ch: Lily Wood
Miniature Showmanship Elem Ch: Lena Gropp
Western Showmanship Sr Ch: Scarlett Battles
Western Showmanship Jr Ch: Tanner McInteer
Western Showmanship Elem Ch: Lauren Johnson
Groom and Care Ch: Madi Wilson
Western Stock Horses Ages 4 & Up Grand Ch: Ava Smith
Western Stock Horses Ages 4 & Up Res Grand Ch: Lily Wood
Western Stock Horses Aged... Grand Ch: Lauren Johnson
Western Stock Horses Aged... Res Grand Ch: Cadi Wilbeck
Working Ranch Horse Sr Ch: Scarlett Battles
Working Ranch Horse Jr Ch: Madison Blair
Working Ranch Horse Elem Ch: Drake Plautz

Additional horse awards will be announced at 4-H Horse Awards Night.


The Lancaster County 4-H Livestock Booster Club awards two $500 college scholarships each year which are presented at the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H/FFA Livestock Premium Auction. A portion of the proceeds from the auction funds these scholarships. This year’s scholarship recipients were Zach Pittman and Judson Tietjen.