National Survey of Student Engagement begins this month

2016 NSSE Results
2016 NSSE Results

The National Survey of Student Engagement will be sent to all first-year and senior students on Feb. 21. It collects information from undergraduates across hundreds of colleges and universities to assess how they spend their time and their perceptions about what they gain from attending college. Instructors are encouraged to remind students to take the NSSE, which will be sent as a link to each student’s Canvas site.

The university participates in the NSSE every three years and uses the results to improve the campus climate for student learning and engagement. Initiatives that came out the 2016 NSSE include the First-Year U newsletter, Husker Dialogues, Student Inclusive Leadership Retreats, and the new MyRed enrollment schedule builder.

This year’s survey includes a new module titled “Inclusiveness and Engagement with Cultural Diversity,” which asks questions such as how much the student’s coursework has helped them to

  • Develop the skills necessary to work effectively with people from various backgrounds

  • Recognize their own cultural norms and biases 

  • Share their own perspectives and experiences 

  • Discuss issues of equity or privilege 

  • Respect the expression of diverse ideas

The university will receive an institutional scorecard of its results, as well as comparison results to peer institutions. Results from the 2016 NSSE are posted online.

Questions about NSSE can be directed to Amy Goodburn, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Education, at

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