New Media Student Worker - UNL College of Business (Lincoln, NE/City Campus)

The College of Business is currently seeking students to work in the New Media Department as a video production assistant immediately. Candidates will work both independently and in a team with the Video Production Coordinator and other members of the ITS Team.

Experience with audio/video production (pre-production, recording, and editing) and a basic knowledge of image exposure control is necessary. Functional knowledge of computers/media equipment, including hardware/software troubleshooting is preferable.

Familiarity with photography and having a creative eye for digital design is desired. Candidates who possess good customer service skills and willingness to work with clients are highly desired.

Paid position, 15-20 hours per week Monday-Friday. Work study desirable, but not a requirement. Applicants must be currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and must be taking at least one credit hour.

*Application deadline: October 1, 2021.

Apply here: