Support Intern - Hudl (Lincoln, NE)

We're looking for interns to join our Support team starting in Fall 2021/Winter 2022. You'll be working with a department full of awesome people who provide support to our users. We're looking for a college student in the Lincoln area that's ready to work directly with our users, answering any questions they might have via phone, email, chat—even Twitter.

You Are:
> Empathetic. You have a knack for stepping into someone else's shoes and seeing the world through their eyes.
> Well-versed. You can tackle different tasks every day because of your healthy addiction to challenges and problem-solving.
> A top-notch writer. Your written communications are crisp, clean and to the point.
> Competitive. You like the thrill of victory and strive to be better in everything you do.

You Will:
> Thrive on the front lines. You'll provide unrivaled support to coaches and athletes via phone, email and online chats.
> Be a critical thinker. Our clients come to us to enhance their game—you’ll make sure they know how to use Hudl in the best way possible.
> Communicate and collaborate. You'll work side-by-side with a team that strives to make you better.

We Will:
> Treat you like a full-time employee. You're part of the team—that means you'll have real responsibilities and the opportunity to make a big impact at Hudl. We want to hear what you think and will often ask you to weigh in on team decisions.
> Supply you with tools for success. We've invested in our office spaces, designing them with our employees in mind. You’ll have the enriching, flexible environment and powerful hardware you need to do your job well.
> Provide career growth. Our internships are a great complement to your degree. We offer year-round internship experiences with the potential to extend over the course of your educational career.