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UNL Student Health 101
UNL Student Health 101

The UNL Student Health 101 advisory panel reflected on the campus impact of Student Health 101. Student Health 101 has been on campus for over a year, and we continually ask “are we reaching students and impacting student health?”

Student Health 101 is a monthly student online journal tailored to address issues that are pertinent to your health. The material is presented in a peer-education model, meaning there are videos and articles written by students or recent graduates for students. The content is always reviewed and approved by an advisory board of nationally recognized college health professionals and medical staff.

Topics vary, but often include fitness, healthy eating, relationships, study skills, sleep, sexual health, and wellness, among others. Topics are chosen based on the results of the ACHA National College Health Assessment Data. UNL also adds tailored pages highlighting resources/ events on campus that reflect these topic areas. Content is developed by students and is reviewed/approved by contributing department staff from: Campus Recreation Fitness Programs; Campus Recreation Wellness Services; Residence Life; University Housing and Dining Services; the Health Center; and Student Involvement.

What kinds of topics do you desire? What would make you read this online journal more? We challenge you to start off the New Year regularly reading Student Health 101 and make a resolution to find one way to improve your health. You can see the online journal at http://readsh101.com/unl.html

Comments or suggestions for upcoming issues? Send our Student Coordinator an e-mail, Noel, at sh101wellness@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

More details at: http://www.readsh101.com/unl.html